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Writer, Fiction Enthusiast &

Instructor of English


Winner of the New Fiction Award, 2023

Ime Atakpa

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"Fiction posits itself in a mechanical space that both adheres to formal written structures and augments them for rhetorical benefits. The fiction writer exists within that nebulous realm and must intuitively develop a process by which they can create literature which is simultaneously real and unreal."

More Essays

"Ime Atakpa's writing is captivating, encompassing and always pushes the story forward and keeps me wanting to read more!" 

The Fiction Review 


"I read the first essay in this series and say it presented an unvarnished truth. After reading this companion story I understand that Ime Atakpa's story is much closer to reality."

Jennifer Daily

"Ime Atakpa's characters make you obsessed, furious and can break your heart broke my heart, especially realizing that these things happen to people in real life every single day." 

Atlanta Writing Festival 

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