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JK Rowling Subversion of Fantasy Nomenclature

“Over the course of seven novels, she uses the names of her characters to either reinforce character traits or misdirect the reader’s assumptions.”

Writing by Bird

“The fiction writer. . .must intuitively develop a process by which they can create literature which is both real and unreal. In this pursuit, only intuition guides the writer—no hard guidelines. But what if that intuition fails?”

Thematic Divergence in John Crowley’s Little, Big in Respect to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Cycle, and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials

“A running theme in Little, Big, very much evidenced by the novel’s title, is the dichotomy between opposites. Obviously, there is the little-big dichotomy; then there is the young-old dichotomy, the destiny-autonomy dichotomy, and several others.”

Okonkwo’s Representation of Character

“The issue of character is established early in Things Fall Apart and informs the most questionable of Okonkwo’s actions throughout the novel. Although character is often considered strong only if there is a development or major change in that character, as in a character arc, over the course of a novel’s major conflicts, Rorty would dismiss this perspective. .”

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