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  • Can I speak with my editor?
    Yes. Ime's editing network is designed to be an efficient process with a professional editor and deliver an edited manuscript within ten days. Also provides notes and overall comments. You’ll still receive expert suggestions in addition to professional edits.
  • How much does book editing cost?
    Line editing: $10 per page Copy editing: $7 per page Proofreading: $3 per page
  • What is the difference between copy editing and proofreading?
    Book proofreading is the vital last step of the editing process. After your manuscript has received its professional edit, your book proofreader will perform a final review to fix any remaining mechanical and grammar issues before your book is printed and published. Proofreading is not a structural edit and instead focuses on eliminating minor errors and inconsistencies. Copy editing is a basic word-by-word edit that addresses grammar, usage, and consistency issues. Your copyeditor will correct continuity issues in your story and ensure your manuscript is free of technical problems or major loose ends that’ll confuse your readers
  • How long will my editing project take?
    Editing is inherently a very customized service, so we're unable to guarantee a turnaround time for these projects. We can, however, give a rough estimate based on the length of your manuscript:
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