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300 years ago, a curse fell upon the Thrush family. Hubert is the latest in a long line before him to inherit the treacherous night walks. But when he awakens one night to find himself cut away from the world around him, he must bear an even worse burden: experiencing first-hand the repercussions of loss. For every condition, there is a cure, and Hubert must find a way to restore himself before his parents fall into irreversible disrepair.

Thrush Song

Nightwalker, unlike most of what I’ve written, did not begin organically. It was something I started in January 2015 for an advanced creative writing course with Reginald McKnight. Even then, I hadn’t intended for it to be more than a short story. I would have never imagined that it would have become the inspiration for so much more.

Click here to read the original, unedited first chapter.