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The Stars Within Us

Andi Winters has always been beautiful. At least that’s what she’s been told by the countless boys who have tried and failed to win her affection. She learned young not to trust the advances of boys, and she learned that coldness was a weapon. However, Will Mason has an affinity for the cold and will stop at nothing to win her over, even if it means making her miserable in the process. And Andi is miserable, at least until she meets Cassie Burroughs, the girl who’s presence helps Andi to navigate love, friendship, and self-discovery.

Unshot Stars

Ironically (the irony is that I, a writer, produce my lengthiest works when I’m “forced” (I like to call it abrasive motivation) into it), The Stars Within Us began as my project for a local writing group, similarly to how my debut bloomed in a creative writing class. Initially, I intended to incorporate fantasy elements to frame the story, touching on subjects like free will and solipsism. By the end of its development, the queer romance seemed significantly more important. So here we are.